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Residential Window Cleaning

Window Washing

Washing your windows can be a physically strenuous and time consuming process, and it can be especially difficult to get to high and other hard to reach places. Don’t waste your time trying to wash your windows yourself. There are a variety of great benefits to hiring a professional to clean them for you:

  • Protect your windows from future damage

  • Improve the curb appeal of your home

  • Hiring a professional is a safer option than washing your own windows

  • Professional window washing services offer better results than washing them on your own


Let our experienced professionals at Champagne Reflections do the work for you.

Exterior Washing

We are your one-stop shop. Our window washing and screen cleaning services can leave your home looking attractive and streak-free.  We recommend cleaning the outside of your windows and screens twice a year minimum to protect from the elements

Interior Washing

While many window washing companies will clean your window exteriors, we go another step by offering interior cleaning services. When we enter your home, we will treat your space like your own. This begins by slipping our feet into shoe covers to keep your floors clean, and we also use drop cloths to keep your carpeting and floors free of water drippings while we work. The end result will be crystal clear windows without any signs that we have ever been in your home.  We recommend cleaning interior glass at least once per year.