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Hazards Of Not Cleaning Your Dryer Vent Lint

Dryer vent hazards

It's the weekend, and one day of that weekend is most people's "laundry day." Since separating piles of whites, colors, and delicates is keeping you from more exciting things in life, you decide to cram your washing machine chock full and jet out the door. Just remember that these clothes also need to be dried.

Knowing how diligent you are as a homeowner means that every other load gets a lint trap cleaning. But you've forgotten the one thing that has caused carbon monoxide illness and more house fires to flare than a neglected burning candle…clogged dryer vents.

Dryer vent cleaning by the pressure washing experts at Champagne Reflections will save your life. It's a little known tangle of tubing and elbow joints that connect your dryer to the outside world. Think exhaust fan for your stove.

To understand the dangers of clogged dryer vents, you first have to understand how a dryer vent works. The air inside your dryer is pulled in and heated by electric elements, then whirled through your clothes, pulled out by a fan, and funneled into the actual dryer vent. That dryer air then travels down through the vent to the wide-open outdoors.

If you didn't have a vent on your dryer, then all of that hot air and moisture would be forced back into your house where it can get moldy and be accompanied by an unpleasant odor. It can also increase air conditioning bills and the ultimate fail…musty, smelly clothing.

Remember that solo sock that went in as a pair? That can get trapped too and is more often than not found in the crook of tubing that snakes its way outside. Keeping the dryer vent clean is crucial to the efficiency of your dryer because if lint or said solo sock gets through the trap, it could slowly clog the vent, preventing the hot air and moisture from leaving the house, creating a flammable situation with lingering lint and potentially cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Less dramatic, but still concerning, clogged dryer vents can work your dryer harder, take you longer to dry your clothes, potentially ruin your machine, increase your electricity bills and allow furry critters and rodents to take up residence in the cozy, linty, fluffy bedding that has now become your tubing.

Dryer vents can become complicated, especially if the tubing runs through your walls and attics. You could dislodge an elbow (both yours and the important piece in the flow zone) and then have a real headache on your hands. Besides, there's no reason to self-clean.

Our reliable Marysville pressure washing field techs have over thirty-five years of experience in socks saving, rodent removal, and fuzz busting.

We insist that you leave your dryer vent cleaning or house washing to the pros at Champagne Reflections. While you gather, fluff and fold that first load, feel confident that you can leave the rest to us.

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